Under the ‘Settings’ page there are options for changing pricing structure.

For fixed pricing, go to that tab then use the map to select certain areas and create a specific field.

You can name this area something specific and then save it to your system. When you have created two named locations you can set a specific price between them.

To do this, press ‘Add’ near the bottom of the screen, select your start and end locations, then set the price, status and title.


  1. Select the 'view' button on previous entries to see how they fit on the map
  2. Click on the map multiple times to make a polygon around the area.
  3. Name the area.
  4. 'Add' the area.
  5. Go to 'Create Fixed Price Routes'
  6. Click 'Add Fixed Price Route'
  7. Fill in the details- the two places and the price
  8. Click 'Add Route'
  9. You will see it appear in the table.