There are three types of pricing that can be applied to a fare: 'Fixed', 'Meter' and 'Hourly'.

A 'Fixed' price jobs is one where two areas have been set on the Fixed Pricing page, and any journey between these two areas will cost a set amount.

A 'Meter' job is based on the journey taken, and will be calculated automatically within the driver app. 

Then elements that determine the price of this job are:

- Price per mile

- Price per minute

- Minimum price

These can all be set up on the Mileage Pricing page

'Uplift Pricing' is when certain vehicles are set to be more expensive than others, or at certain times. These settings will impact upon 'Fixed' and 'Meter' jobs.

'Hourly Pricing' allows you to set up jobs based on specific time periods. This means that customers can hire a vehicle for a set number of minutes/ hours/ days.

This type of pricing also has it's own Uplift Pricing settings.