You are able to dispatch jobs based on set time periods. This means that customers can hire a vehicle for a set number of minutes/ hours/ days.

You have full control over the time which is set for these, and the prices which you charge for the time.

On Settings -> Pricing -> Hourly, you can see the variables involved.

Block Duration: this is the duration of the time periods in which your passengers can book (60 minutes would show them 1 hour, 2 hours... 1440 minutes would show them 1 day, 2 days...)

Price per Block: this is the price per number of minutes which you set in Block Duration

Mileage Allowed per Block: this is the number of miles which are included in each block

Cost of Extra Miles: if the journey goes above the number of miles given above, your passengers will be charged this amount per mile

Minimum Duration: this is the smallest amount of time your passengers can book for. If you had 60 minute Block Duration, and 120 Minimum Duration, the options would start at 2 hours and go up by 1 hour subsequently

Free Waiting Time: once the driver has press 'Arrived' this is the number of minutes that he is willing to wait for free

Cost Extra Waiting Time: once the allocation of free waiting time has passed, this is the amount the passenger will be charged per minute the driver is waiting

There is also a table to allow you to set Uplift on Hourly Rates. This means that you can choose certain vehicles to be more expensive.

Simply use the 'Add' button, select your vehicle and add an uplift percentage.

For example if you set 'Executive Car' at 50... if the base rate set a journey at £50, it would cost £75 in an Executive Car.