On the Reports section of the dispatcher, you can see overall statistics of your companies revenue and earnings, you can see driver earnings, trips, activity and ratings.

Revenue details the total of all the fares you have collected split between Cash, Card and Account.

Earnings shows you the information split between Company and Drivers so that you can see the way your commission has worked. You can also see the total that each driver has brought in.

Trips details the number of trips per day, as well as splitting it between Cash, Card and Account.

Driver Activity tells you how your drivers have been responding to jobs. You can see how many jobs they have Rejected, Recovered and Completed. This can be for all drivers, or for individual drivers.

Driver Ratings shows overall statistics for how your drivers have been rated, as well as displaying each driver's individual rating.

For each of these pages, you are able to choose a pre-set timeframe (Today, Past 7 Days, Past 30 Days, Past 1 Year), or set your own custom date range.

When have selected the date range and seen your overall pie chart, you can click 'View Details' to see the information broken down by day.