1. Our client operator can purchase Passenger apps (Android or iOS) by officially requesting them in the email. 
  2. After that, we send an online customization form to fill out an invoice.
  3. The client operator fills out the form.
  4. The client operator transfers funds for the purchase.
  5. We start building the apps after payment is officially received.


       Note: The client operator needs to let us know additional information with regards to customization.

  1. To publish iOS apps client operator needs to have his/her store in the Apple Store. The registration of a store with Apple may take several weeks so it’s best to be done in advance prior to purchasing the apps. 
  2. The client will need to share with us STRIPE keys (public, private) in case the “Card” option is required as a payment gateway within the apps.


       For more information on this please check the following videos: