Zoom tries to keep things very simple and easy for the customers. Our experts designed the UI for all age groups of people so everyone can use our services effortlessly.

In order to use Dispatcher System please follow these few basic steps:

  1. Please click this link in order to open our Dispatcher Url: https://zoomdispatch.com/
  2. After clicking on the above link, the user will see login options. In order to open an individual’s dispatcher system, a user must have login credentials.
  3. After entering into the Dispatcher System this UI will be on the user’s device.


  1. On the left side, an operator user will have five options.
  • Operator: This is an important tab because from here an operator user will dispatch a job also can see all the proceedings.
  • Manage: Under this tab, an operator user will manage the accounts details and furthermore.
  • Settings: This tab will allow an operator use to change settings according to their requirements and furthermore.
  • Reports: This tab contains the features of managing and generating overall statistics reports.
  • Help: if an operator user faces any confusion about anything related to our system he/she can search their queries on our zoom support.
  1. An operator user can dispatch a job by adding Pick-up and Drop-off locations by clicking the Enquiry button. An operator user can dispatch different types of jobs for further information regarding this please click on the link: https://matriks.freshdesk.com/support/search/solutions?term=dispatching+a+job 
  1. An operator user can check the notifications by clicking the Bell icon on the top of the right of the screen.
  2. An operator user can make/receive a call by enabling the calling option. For further information regarding VOIP please click this link: https://matriks.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/14000130883-do-you-offer-a-voip-feature-
  3. An operator user can change or check Company/Billing/User/Subscription’s information by just clicking the Right icon on the screen.